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  Welcome to the FREE UPDATE page.  You are eligible to update at no cost for six months after your initial purchase. You will need the second registration number provided with your original purchase in order to access your new update. In Windows®, you can obtain your current version number by going to the Help menu and click About... Your version number is shown the left lower corner of the About Box.

On the Macintosh® Intel, use the BridgePro menu item and select "About BridgePro."

The Current Update for the Newest Version is: [published 5/11/19] for Windows® and Macintosh® 64 bit 10.6+.

No updates for Macintosh® Classic OS [Motorola based] are available. To purchase an Intel compatible Mac version click here. If you own Macintosh Classic version you must purchase anew for Intel compatibility.

If you have just purchased your game you already have the latest version (Do not download this Update until the next version is published. If you missed the link to download your new game, email us at [click here]  and we will solve the problem. This Updater will not function without first registering the true game.).

Check back soon as Upgrades will be posted regularly!

Choose to download the latest free Update version:

                      Ver. _ _ _  [make sure you choose the proper version]
                                    For Windows.

                                    For 64 bit Mac 10.6+  [ver. - published 5/11/19]

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