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    [You will receive the latest version edition for Windows - 4.1+]

Windows may identify a Security Risk during the install process. This alert appears because you are installing from an .exe file.  Kindly choose "Allow program to Continue." 
Windows 8+ & 10/11 users:  If SmartScreen is enabled , a false alert will appear.  [Click Here for more information.]

Some laptops raise a warning that the DPI is not set to the normal value of 96.  Click here to solve the problem.

Important: On Windows, many third party virus protection programs interfere with the normal installation process.   If this occurs you MUST uninstall the game using the Control Panel and re-install your game while temporarily disabling your virus program.  [Feel free to check the installer app with your virus protection by scanning the program prior to installation. Our program is thoroughly tested and safe.]

The BridgePro game is purchased as a automatically renewed quarterly subscription.  It may be cancelled at any time.  CardStuffer is a one-time purchase that has lifetime function.  Even if you cancel your subscription and reinstate it at a later time, CardStuffer will function without additional payment. _________________________________

               **Best Value**
For Windows $24.95 USD     [version 4.1+]     
       [This is a combined purchase of a  3 month subscription to BridgePro and a  one-time  purchase of CardStuffer. This is a 45% savings over purchasing each item separately. Subsequent payments will only be $14.95 quarterly.] 

for Windows $14.95 USD [version 4.1+ - a three month automatically renewed subscription (only sixteen pennies/day)]

For Windows $19.95 USD   [version 4.0 - a lifetime single purchase]

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When entering your credit card number, do NOT use spaces, slashes or dashes to separate numbers. [If you have a trial version on your computer, you MUST download your product as the demo will not accept your registration code.  Your paid Installer will ask to remove the demo version.   

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