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 This bridge game, , is the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the market today.   Version 4.1+ is Windows 11 compatible (32 and 64 bit) and with any Windows system 11 or below.   The game is also compatible with 64 bit Mac OS X 10.6 and above [Intel, M1 or M2 chip]. It will realistically play bridge as if there were three other individuals sitting at the table.  It is visually pleasing, simple to use, and reliable.  It has a number of unique features that makes it an exciting game for the beginner or the most  advanced player. Levels of play can be easily set by the user. Simply going to the Special Features menu ->Options ->Conventions you can add one or several conventions at a time. The more unusual conventions are alerted and have a help file that explains each convention. Hints are available at all times during bidding and card play. In fact, one can let the computer play an entire board by repeatedly selecting hint. The user may claim at any time during bidding or play of the cards.  Advanced players, will of course, immediately select their convention choices and play at that level.  Version 2 [published in June '03] had many new features including Acol bidding, weak no-trump convention and Chicago bridge scoring. [Click Here to see log of the changes]. You may view the other players' hands in real time or select a view of the originally dealt hands [double dummy].  Although this is technically cheating, this feature is actually an excellent teaching tool.  The computer, on the other hand, will never cheat.  Bidding and card play pathways act independently, never looking in the other players' hands.   Unlike other bridge games on the internet, this game requires no connection to the internet. You pay a small monthly fee ( only pennies/day ) which is automatically renewed quaterly.  A new access code is emailed to your registered email address.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.

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Bidding can be done in  the manner of a duplicate bridge player. That is, sundry conventions such as Weak No-Trump, Weak Two Bids, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Transfers, Gerber, Drury, Malowan, Acol, 2/1, Forcing 1 No-trump etc. are supported. [A duplicate player can select Chicago scoring and the game will play as if in IMPs.] Goren type bridge conventions can be played at any skill level.  Please see an example of a convention card. The user will generate a new and different hand with each deal. None of the hands are pre-programmed. A random number generator creates all of the hands.  Therefore, billions of possible hands maybe encountered.  [See ACBL's Bridge Bulletin review of game.]

A companion program, , allows the user to directly introduce specifically constructed hands into the game. It is compatible with the game on all operating systems.  Six of these pre-arranged hands can be transported for play at one time. You may save as a separate file any hands you wish to play or keep for analysis. There is no limit to the number of files that can be saved. This auxiliary program is a handy learning tool as one can enter hands from newspaper columns, bridge books or real life hands. The user may vary each individual card, the vulnerability and the dealer. He can flip or reverse the hands once dealt. Six hands may be saved internally in , but it cannot create a separate file without employing its sister program, . By transferring individual hands to the companion program and back again, a unique learning environment is created.  Thus, you can create your own personal library of individual hands for future reference.

The game is visually pleasing and easy to play. (see game screens) Scoring, visual and auditory alerts, last trick review and bidding and trick review screens are available at the user's discretion. There are complete manuals available for both programs (download manuals). It is advisable to read Frequently Asked Questions and Tips (FAQ) before downloading the game or purchasing it.

These programs will give the user many, many hours of fun and enjoyment. Hard Disc with free 13 MB is required. The game is available for Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 (32 and 64 bit)  [including tablet] and the 64 bit Intel, M1 or M2 Macintosh 10.9 computers and above. The programs are still available for the older 64 bit Intel Macintosh OS from 10.6 to 10.8 [see legacy download - one-time purchase (non-subscription)].

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[Disclaimer: This program is NOT related to any game previously published in Britain by Purple Software Ltd. BridgePro™ is newly published and copyrighted in the United States of America.]

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