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For Macintosh $69.95   [not for Intel Mac]

For Macintosh $49.95  [not for Intel Mac]

For Macintosh $34.95   [not for Intel Mac]
Gives you the most recent version of the game plus 6 months free updates.
[Do not purchase unless you own and have a registered version  2.x game running on the machine you wish to update.]
paid update for Macintosh $9.95
 Version 1 to Version 2 Updater for
[Do not purchase unless you have a registered version 1.x  game on your computer and the original registration key code.]

      paid version 1 to 2 updater for Macintosh $19.95

[If you purchased version 1.x between 5/6/03 - 6/23/03 you are eligible for a reduced upgrade at $ 9.95.  Contact us at [click here] or phone the number below.]

Click Here for special upgrade offer on to all version 1

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          Be sure to download your product after completing the credit card  information.  The link is at the bottom of the credit card page. {Problems?  call: 858-925-7457 11AM to 9PM MST}
When entering your credit card number, do NOT use spaces, slashes or dashes to separate numbers. [If you have a trial version on your computer, you MUST download your product as the demo will not accept your registration code.  Install your paid game after uninstalling the demo version.  If you have purchased a CD, you may elect to skip downloading.]  Your credit card will be billed by our corporative entity, masK, L.L.C. in Phoenix, Arizona.  Usually,  it will not indicate it was for a BridgePro purchase. Kindly recognize this charge.  Thank you!

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